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November - more interesting times!

Posted 2/11/2020

Hello!  In April I said ‘May you live in interesting times’ – I didn’t honestly think we’d still be in them 7 months later!  I feel a little bit guilty…!

SCiP launched their Thriving Lives Toolkit last month, the evidence-based toolkit explains the seven principles of effective support for Service children in schools and provides self-reflection questions linked to further guidance, case studies and resources. They are hosting a free, two-part conference in partnership with NYCC’s School Improvement Service, delegates will explore the principles, reflect on their practice and plan action back in school.

Session 1: Wednesday 18th November, 9am – 12pm - Understanding Service children’s lives and how the Alliance helps; How schools can use the Thriving Lives Toolkit to help Service children thrive; the Toolkit’s associated professional development materials.    

Session 2:  Tuesday 24th November, 9am 12pm - Who can help schools help Service children thrive, and how – an overview of supporting organisations and four partnership workshops to choose from.

To book free places:

This month our Festival of Friends area groups have network meetings booked in to discuss how they will continue to work on their projects.  The Festival of Friends CPD included a preview of the Thriving Lives Toolkit, the feedback was that the toolkit is both useful and informative.

Jess and I are concerned that children and young people may be more impacted by this second lockdown because of the anxiety their parents / carers and wider families may be feeling and the general uncertainty in the world right now.   So we have been recording our anxiety workshops so they can be used in classrooms – it’s not as easy as it sounds!  The KS2 workshop – Anxiety with Caveman Bob - is ready to go, the KS1 workshop – Max Can’t Sleep - will be ready by the end of this week and after that we’re planning to work on the KS3 workshop. If you’re interested in the workshops please let us know and we can send you teacher information packs and the link to the workshop. or

Jess presented our new Wellbeing Warriors 5 week course at two schools last term and the feedback has been lovely.  We’re both booked and looking forward to presenting Wellbeing Warriors at schools this term but there’s always space for more if you’re interested!

November is the month of Remembrance, Jess and I are so sad that we aren’t meeting with you all in the Cathedral this week but we are very excited about, and proud of, the Virtual Service to Remember which Jess has put together with contributions from schools, the Army, the RAF, local ViPs and two very lovely WWII Veterans.    We are asking that the Service is viewed on Friday 6th November – when we should have been in the Cathedral – and are hoping we can reach a record audience this year!  We’d be very grateful for photos of people taking part in the Service and to hear any feedback about it.  If you would like us to email you the Order of Service and the link to watch the Service please let us know.  In addition to inviting all schools in North Yorkshire, we have also invited local care home residents to ‘join us’ for the Service.  If there is anyone else you think we should invite please let us know.

Finally, the next SFSG meeting will be on 17th November 2020.  If you would like to attend and haven’t had an invite please let me know!

I feel like a lot of this blog has been ‘let me know’ or ‘get in touch’ – perhaps I should just have said ‘don’t forget we’re here’! 

Hope you have a lovely November!



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