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Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

Posted 5/10/2018

Time for the SPC October Blog and autumn has well and truly set in – well, the rainy misty bit of it anyway!

The first half term of the school year is always busy for your Service Pupils’ Champions and this year it has been no different!  Annabel is furiously organising the Remembrance Service at Ripon Cathedral, her plans sound fantastic and it will be wonderful to see all the children and young people again and I am looking forward to seeing the bookmarks they have designed.  Annabel applied for the Service to be part of the ‘There but not There’ commemorative campaign to mark 100 years since the end of WWI and as a result 10 thought-provoking silhouettes of WWI soldiers – our ‘Tommies’ – will be on display throughout North Yorkshire for the month of October and then will be joining us at Ripon Cathedral for the Remembrance Service.

While Annabel has been working on the Remembrance Service I have been refining our Self-esteem Workshop (with a little bit of help from Year 6 at St Mary’s RC Primary!), it’s really good fun and I’m looking forward to presenting it a bit more! – I will email more information out about the workshops next week.

September is a time for catching up with everyone and getting things in place for the coming year.  Paula Rowe – the new MKC Heroes Coordinator at the Royal British Legion - came to visit us to get a sense of what is happening with MKC in North Yorkshire and to visit some of our MKC schools.  It gave Annabel, Matt and I the opportunity to find out where MKC is going and what the plans are for the future.  Paula is working hard to coordinate the offer to schools and the first thing in place is that it is now completely free to be a member of MKC Heroes and with that membership you will get support from the local RBL  branches should you need it.

Anna Vrahimi – the DCYP Special Education Needs & Disabilities Leader –attended the SFSG meeting to raise awareness of the MoD SCAN documentation and its significance.  Anna also attended a meeting with SENCO’s to discuss the SCAN documentation and the work she is doing with Local Authorities in the UK to get the SCAN recognised as being as relevant and rigorous as an EHCP therefore enabling provision for children to be continued when they move back to the UK from MoD Schools overseas.  If you would like to see the notes and slides from this meeting please email me and I will forward them to you.

Annabel and I also had an interesting meeting with Helen Hunter, CEO of the Hambleton and Richmondshire Carers Centre.  The Carers Centre is a charity which supports young carers from the age of 8, they offer 1-1 support in school and also information, training and advice for schools supporting young carers.  It is possible that within the military community young carers are ‘hidden’ and Helen and her team are keen to find and support them!  Schools can directly refer to the Carers Centre by phone on 01609 780 872 or through the website:

Please don’t forget that the closing date for bids to the MoD Education Support Fund is the 19th October.  Information and application forms are available at:



If you have tried and failed to contact me by phone this month I promise I wasn’t ignoring you – my phone has been out of action all month.  It is now working again so please feel free to phone for a chat!


Have a great October!


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